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At Sofia Smile Clinic, we use the latest technologies for services, including 3D mouth scans, digital smile designs, 3D printers for same-day crown delivery.

3D Digital Dentistry Solutions

Leading the Way For Digital Dentistry in Dubai

Digital dentistry is a new practice in the dental profession involving computer-controlled technologies and gadgets during dental visits. Sofia Smile Clinic is happy to provide Dubai residents with speedy, effective dental care by utilizing cutting-edge technology. We understand how hectic your schedule is and how vital it is for you to get the dental care you require as soon as possible, which is why we provide this service.

QuickSleeper 5 – Electronically Delivered Anesthesia

We believe that anesthesia is crucial in a dental appointment as it makes the patient feel more relaxed and helps eliminate pain. We provide anesthetic by using an electronic device, which gives our patients maximum comfort without any pain. This revolutionary new device is QuickSleeper 5, and we are among the first few to adopt this cutting-edge and relaxing method of dental anesthesia to provide a comfortable treatment process.

The Buzzing Annoys You?

We took care of that problem! Many dental patients report how uncomfortable the buzzing of tools makes them feel, so we use a sound-proof headset to eliminate all the undesired noises and keep the treatment as enjoyable as possible.


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