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Healthy gums are crucial and can change your overall oral health. Get in touch with Sofia Smile Clinic to get Biofilm teeth cleaning, gum depigmentation, and aesthetic gum correction treatments. 

Periodontal Or Gum Disease Treatment

Do you have bleeding gums, periodontal pockets, or receding gums? These are signs of periodontitis or gum disease that can not only cause pain and inflammation but significant loss of bone around your teeth. Treatment is available to help slow or stop this process of bone loss and return gum tissue to a healthy environment.

Gum Treatment at Sofia Smile Clinic

Sofia Smile Clinic offers the most effective and efficient methods for gum disease treatment. We use minimally invasive therapy, such as laser therapy and guided biofilm therapy to address the underlying causes of periodontitis. We treat you with care and ensure you receive the best treatment for your condition. 


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