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Bella Rose features the best standards of medical care with an abundance of UAE’s finest medical staff and the latest cutting-edge technologies. With all of the beauty treatments out there, it can be hard to decide which one will actually help you look and feel your best. We work closely with our clients and listen carefully to what they need to work with them to design a treatment that will restore their youth. We believe that as you grow, your beauty should grow with you.



  • Dental Care

    Is your mouth giving you trouble? Are you noticing that it is difficult to chew or speak? If so, then we want to help! We specialize in providing dental services for those who need them. Not only that, at BellaRose, we are also offering a wide range of sophisticated procedures, including Aesthetic dentistry.

  • HydraFacial

    Hydrafacial is a multi-step treatment that improves your skin health by removing fine lines and wrinkles. Besides that, it also improves skin firmness and enhances its overall tone and texture so you can glow from inside.

  • Slimming

    Have you been trying to lose weight for quite a time now? Do you have any difficulty following or making a proper diet plan? Well, we at Bella Rose can solve your inconvenience with our exceptional slimming services. We have everything you might need on your weight loss journey, from proper diet plans to advanced equipment at our medical center.

  • Hijama

    Hijama is an age-old healing therapy that has been practiced for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. It was originally used to treat all kinds of medical issues, but it is now mainly used for beauty treatment. We offer different Hijama treatments at BellaRose Medical center, depending on what you need from the therapy.

  • Dietitian

    Are you unable to build a diet plan for yourself? Do you desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle with proper and healthy nutrient intake? Bella Rose has something fascinating to offer you. We are aware of an adequate diet’s benefits and effects on human health. That’s why we highly care for your healthy lifestyle. You can consult our experienced dietitians and avail our evidence-based medical nutrition therapy and counseling.

  • Plastic Surgery

    Are you not satisfied with how your face looks at the moment, or do you want to suppress the aging symptoms? In such cases, we are here to help you. We at BellaRose provide various services that might help you look and feel good in the best way possible. Our reliable team of professionals offers plastic and cosmetic surgery that can enhance your already beautiful features and help fade any aging symptoms.


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